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A story of horror and unity in the depths, Darkness Full of Light is a work of speculative fiction by Tony Dietz. In my opening sequence I aimed to depict protagonist Jozette's journey between dark and light; loneliness and unity, as she scales from the deep depths of the ocean to the surface and back.

Made with Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, After Effects and Resolve FX.

Additional music made in FL Studio 20.

First pass of design boards prior to animation, on review I changed the colours of the light materials in order to get a more realistic emissive effect. Several shot transitions were also changed to flow better with the narrative of "up and down" at play in the story.

As this was to be a primarily typographic sequence, I wanted to create a custom typeface that suited the mood and worldbuilding of the story. Jozette's people, the Mata, are a futuristic society living on the ocean floor. Despite their advancements, they live in scarcity of air, lighting and space, and as such I took inspiration from durable low power tech such as segmented LED watch displays, putting a curved, humanist twist on it in reflection of their ironically primative, insular state.

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