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"...But noone listens to us" - Uncle Greg Simms

White Man's Thumb is an interactive essay retelling of the words of Aunty Marjorie’s and Uncle Greg’s story of their childhood under a white mission. Their story speaks to the challenges, roadblocks and ever persistent presence under the white man's thumb.

Play the sketch here.

Made in P5.js with imagery created in handmade collage. The sources of the collage material included prints of laws regarding the suppression and management of Indigenous people throughout history.

Additional sound made in FL Studio 20.

The collage used in the P5.js sketch was based on a recreation of the mission church at La Perouse, Aunty Marjorie and Uncle Greg's home.

The idea of the interaction began at the sketch level. I wanted to explore the idea of Aunty Marjorie and Uncle Greg's story through the literal metaphor of lenses, and the idea of the interactive experience as an "eye test".

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